Urban History Podcast #1

Andrew Needham and Lily Geismer are teaming up to host a regular podcast on recent and emerging scholarship in urban and metropolitan history. Their first guest is Michelle Nickerson, whose co-edited book, Sunbelt Rising, has just come out in paperback (Darren Dochuk was the other co-editor). Sunbelt Rising has helped capture and re-frame recent scholarship on the sunbelt and, despite difficulties of defining such a region, the authors assert in the introduction, “one can’t help but conclude that as the Sunbelt goes, still goes the nation.”

In this interview, Nickerson describes her own intellectual journey of becoming an urban historian and the challenges and rewards of editing a collection.

You can stream from this site, follow the link and download the mp3, and soon, you will be able to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


About LaDale Winling

LaDale Winling is assistant professor of history at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His book project, Building the Ivory Tower, examines the role of universities as urban developers in the 20th century. Learn more about him at Urban Oasis.

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